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Konica Minolta, Sindoh Printing Quality issue & Solution

Among the printing problems that occur in the above models, the most common problem recently is the phenomenon in which lines are printed in each production at the interval (cycle) of the OPC Drum (OPC) outer diameter during printing. At first, the concentration of the line is light, and it is often not recognized. However, as time goes on, the string becomes thicker and the width slightly thicker. And if more time passes, the background may also occur.

1. It often occurs in high-temperature and high-humidity environments (Southeast Asia, growing season, and humid environments).

2. If the drum unit is replaced, the symptom of the lines being printed disappears.

3. When the drum unit is replaced, the symptom of lines being printed disappears, but the background does not disappear.

4. The action was taken, but the background reappears after a few thousand prints.

** When the drum unit is replaced, the phenomenon of lines being printed disappears (#1, #2)

- According to the data obtained from the company's rental machine, the phenomenon of printing lines by color occurs randomly in each color when 15,000 to 20,000 sheets are used. This problem is that the interval at which lines are printed is mostly the OPC Drum (OPC) outer diameter cycle, so there are cases where only the OPC Drum (OPC) is replaced at first, but replacing the OPC Drum (OPC) does not solve this problem. Most of the cases can be solved by replacing the entire drum unit. However, even if the drum unit is replaced, if the usage environment is not changed or improved, the same problem may continue to occur at a cycle of 10,000 to 20,000 sheets.

- In this case, there is an emergency solution without replacing the drum unit. If you separate the OPC from the drum unit, you can check if the waste toner collected between the inner drum blade and the seal (the thin film on the top of the blade that prevents waste toner leakage) is well discharged through the waste toner discharge screw. Waste toner is full in that area and the waste toner outlet is blocked. If you shake off the waste toner and clean the waste toner outlet, you can solve the problem of lines coming out without replacing the drum unit. After cleaning the waste toner, check whether the black waste toner transfer screw is bent or not. If the deformation is severe, this screw part must be replaced.

** If background issues are not resolved (#3,#4)

- Background problems are often caused by overflowing toner due to clogging of the transfer belt blade and the waste toner discharge port connected thereto. In this case, cleaning the inside of the machine and piercing the waste toner outlet will usually solve the problem.

** long-term solution

- The root cause of this problem is presumed to be about two.

1. Structural problems of usage environment and machine

- Even in perfect genuine condition, it seems that the above problems occur when used in a humid environment.

It also seems to occur due to humid environmental problems during use or non-use.

2. Use of low-quality toner powder

- If the used toner powder is vulnerable to moisture and has low fluidity, it is easy to clog the waste toner outlet. and the above problems may occur more frequently.

- Therefore, when using and storing the machine, it removes environmental factors with high humidity and is resistant to moisture and inductive.

It is recommended to use high toner powder.

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